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20 Weight Loss Tips and Secrets

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Before you start reading, lets just set one thing straight- this is not about a diet or a rigorous workout program. Lets be honest, most people just dont stick to them for too long. These tips are all about losing weight naturally and simply. You will be surprised how fun some of them are! The best thing is that you dont need to give up on your favorite foods. You dont even have to go to gym. Its all about balancing good things and good calories and adding some extra benefits to your diet. You just have to pick one or two of them, and stick to it!

Source: www.amea-blog.blogspot.com

Source: www.amea-blog.blogspot.com

1. A little wake-up workout will open your eyes for sure. When you wake up, sit up slowly, but try doing this without using your hands. With your legs straight out, lean slowly forward until you feel that gentle stretch in your back. When you feel this, hold for a second. Then, by using your abs lower yourself flat. Rest, and repeat the whole process two more times. This gives strength to your core but also burns 10 calories!