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Each Finger Is Tied To Two Organs: A Japanese Method of Healing

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Shin Jyutsu is just for managing feelings by excitement of specific factors about the fingers a long-standing type of Western artwork that’s employed.


It includes viewpoint that will be effortlessly option medication and an old Western competence. The-art centers round the managing of one’s bodys power through particular factors of fingers and one’s hands. Well-balanced power may be crucial and the goal regarding psychological and bodily wellness.

Study’s building blocks is set up about the theory that every hand about the hands relates to a particular wood that will be additionally associated with a feeling that was particular.

To be able to connect to a particular wood, all that’s necessary to complete is place in your hand regarding five minutes while inhaling seriously. You’ll accomplish total harmonization by rubbing each hand in your hands. To get a full-body workout, educate at the same time individually, about 5 minutes using every hand.

Listed here are the hand-wood associations inside your body:


Organs: stomach and spleen.

Feelings: nervousness and melancholy.

Bodily signs: anxiety, epidermis problems, stomach discomfort, headaches.

Index-finger (forefinger):

Areas: liver and kidney

Feelings: misunderstandings, concern and frustration.

Bodily signs: difficulties with digestive tract, toothache back pain.


Areas: gall-bladder and liver.

Feelings: improvisation, rage .

Reduced eyesight, bodily program: blood flow problems, monthly discomfort, exhaustion, headaches, front headaches.


Areas: intestines and bronchi.

Sadness, feelings: negativity anxiety about denial.

Bodily signs: sound digestion issues, within the ear, breathing issues, allergies, skin illnesses.

Little hand:

Areas: small bowel and center.

Feelings: apprehensiveness – irritation, understanding.

Bodily signs: issues using bones, center problems, sorethroat, belly bolstering.

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